CalPATH Home Loan Program Celebrates 7 Years

Mountain West Financial is honored to celebrate our 7 year Anniversary offering our exclusive CalPATH home loan program that is designed to benefit those that serve our local communities... it's our way of saying "thank you!" Offering hundreds of dollars in upfront savings with reduced lender fees and a thousands of dollars over the life of the loan with reduced interest rates!
- Reduced Processing and Underwriting Fees
- FHA or Conventional Loan Options Available
- High Balance Loans Refinance Options Available
- 15, 20, 25 or 30 Year Terms Available
- No Additional Qualifying - Follows MWF’s FHA & Conventional Standard Guidelines
- One Free Float Down - During the First 30 Days After the Rate is Locked (or before the closing disclosure is issued, whichever is sooner)
Contact us today to learn more about our CalPATH Home Loan Program and let us help your dream of homeownership become a reality! #calpath #mountainwestfinancial #homeowner