10 Real Estate Videos Smart Agents Are Using + Examples

While every agent is either making or talking about real estate videos these days, the hard truth is very few agents are making them right. In this article, we’ll show you 10 examples of real estate videos smart agents are using to generate and nurture leads and keep clients happy.

  1. Personalized Email Real Estate Videos- The best videos that you can create as a real estate agent are personalized videos. These are videos that answer a question, offer advice, or maybe even personally deliver data from your comparative market analysis (CMA) for one specific lead or client.
  2. Listing Walk-through Real Estate Videos- In 2021, the dream of touring every listing on your website from bed is now a reality. The only question is: Are you going to let them? Are you going to give them what they want? Of course you are.
  3. Educational Real Estate Videos- Let’s face it, one of the best ways to nurture leads is to offer them your deep local expertise. After all, this is one of the main reasons they hire an agent in the first place, right? Sure, you can write up a 3,000-word blog post explaining the ins and outs of closing costs for your lead, but what if you could explain closing costs in a fun, natural, and conversational way? Recording a series of educational real estate videos allows you to do just that.
  4. Agent Introduction Videos: Make a Memorable 1st (or 2nd, or 3rd) Impression- Even though you may try your best to answer every new lead with a personal phone call, reality can sometimes get in the way. You could be driving, at a closing, sleeping, or making your daughter breakfast. Why not send them an introductory video that lets them get to know you instead? Your personality, expertise—you know, the reasons they want to work with you instead of the other guy?
  5. Drone Listing Videos- High-quality listing videos are no longer a nice bonus to show off your marketing chops; in many markets, they are now par for the course.
  6. Creative Real Estate Property Marketing Videos- When it comes to marketing your listings in 2021, video is quickly changing from optional but nice to necessary to even get your foot in the door. Since marketing listings with video walk-throughs and drone videos seem to be par for the course these days, ambitious agents need to work a little harder.
  7. Facebook Live Real Estate Videos- There’s only one thing more alluring for your sphere than a big play button in their email: being told they’re going to miss out on something. If you’ve worked as a buyer’s agent in a low-inventory area, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Nothing will make your buyer want a listing more than being told they can’t have it. Facebook Live is the perfect place to show off videos that have a sense of urgency and exclusivity.
  8. Instagram IGTV Real Estate Videos- Unlike Facebook Live, videos that do well on IGTV tend to be quick-hit videos that offer a glimpse behind the scenes. The same content rules apply though—people want exclusive access to places you might not ordinarily take them to.
  9. Neighborhood Tour Videos- When it comes to what buyers want from a new home, location is almost always at the very top of their list. That’s why the number one question your buyer will ask is: What’s the neighborhood like? Why not answer that question once-and-for-all and let them get to know your personality while you’re at it? If you make a great video, there is a good chance people will share it. This is what neighborhood video tours exist for.
  10. Client Testimonial Videos- While social proof is an increasingly important way to vet real estate agents, many people take anonymous, written reviews with a grain of salt. In order to cut through the noise online and provide more direct social proof, you need to start working on client video testimonials.

    *Courtesy of https://theclose.com/