Six Home Maintenance Tips For Spring

1. With an initial investment of $20-$250 for a programmable thermostat Energy Star says you can save about $180 annually on cooling & heating bills.
2. Add weather stripping around doors, making sure that you can’t see any daylight from inside your home. You’ll save money on air conditioning.
3. If the gap around a door or window is wider than a nickel, you need to reapply exterior caulk.
4. Clean out any roof drains or scuppers to avoid ponding, which could damage your roof and cause leaks below.
5. It’s only when the windows are clean and the spring sun shines in that you’ll realize how dirty they were.
6. A dull lawn mower blade doesn’t slice but instead tears grass, leaving it vulnerable to disease, sun damage and insects. A blade typically needs sharpening once or twice a year.